3D Massager For Body & Face – Silver


3D Massager For Body & Face – Silver



3D Facial and Body Massage – Wrinkle Lifting and Relaxing Tool

This 3D massager can massage the face, arms, legs and other body parts, which will achieve the effects of slimming and lifting the face, skin tightening, body slimming, body shaping, uncomfortable muscle relaxation and exhaustion. The balls can roll just by moving it forward or backward, and it doesn’t hurt you but will effectively relieve the muscles and skin

Good for daily body and face massages with massages. It works on skin rejuvenation, body shaping, weight loss, wrinkle removal,skin rejuvenation, anti-allergic, excessive skin elasticity and so on.

It prevents, improves blood circulation and enhances immunity.

• Collects energy via mini solar panels on the main body, and releases small solar currents when massaged.

• Massage beads turn 360 degrees, they can be cleaned easily.

Ergonomically designed massage beads can be used to massage any part of the body.

It helps reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, shadows, and uneven skin colors under the


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